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Launchpad stands out with its hand-specific design and ergonomic shape, tailored for a perfect fit. It's engineered to provide optimal protection while enhancing your grip and swing, giving you a competitive edge.

The Launchpad thumb guard minimizes batting pain and stingers thanks to its innovative groove and pivot point. This allows for a more natural bat motion, leading to a relaxed grip and a powerful, whippy swing.

Absolutely! Whether you're starting in a little league, playing at a semi-professional level, or swinging in the major leagues, Launchpad is designed to boost performance across all levels. That said, our current sizes are limited to a large size appropriate for high schoolers, college players, semi-professionals, and professional players.

Yes, Launchpad is ideal for both training sessions and competitive games. It's designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, providing consistent performance enhancement.

Our sizing guide on the website helps you select the perfect fit. Remember to choose based on your batting hand – left or right – for a tailor-made feel.

We accept returns within 30 days of delivery, provided the item is unused and in its original condition. For defective items, we offer solutions like exchanges or refunds. Check our returns policy for more details.

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